tisdag 16 oktober 2012

Halloween's a-coming

Since I'm at the campus library, I don't have access to a Swedish keyboard, and will therefore be writing in English today.

It's getting cold over here. The French insist on sending us unpleasant winds, and rain comes sailing in from the Atlantic. The radiator still stands untouched next to the fridge though, since I try to save money by using as little electricity as possible. As long as my wonderful duvet exists and is willing to provide me with warmth and comfort, I will survive no matter how cold the winter will be.

Halloween is getting closer, I've been thinking of getting a costume. Pic very much related, if I get what I want.
The travel to Beachy Head (the place with the third highest rate of suicides per year in the world) still hasn't happened. Though come Halloween I hope to have been there. It's simply too fitting for the season to not go there.
Speaking of spooky spaces, there is one in the middle of town: http://www.eatonnott.co.uk
EatonNott is a shop selling, among other creepy things, a necklace made of human ribs, a white dress enhanced with two swan wings in the back, a puppy floating in formaline... Yeah. Check it out for yourself.

Over and out.