måndag 5 november 2012

Remember, remember.. (writing on an English keyboard, hence the use of English instead of Swedish)

Bonfire night is coming up, and the biggest celebrations in England for this particular event are held in Lewes, a small town just outside of B'ton. They say that we would do best in trying to get there before five o'clock, even though the actual bonfires are lit around seven. Looking forward to the crowds of people... *shudder*
  For those of you who haven't seen V for Vendetta or heard about Guy Fawkes day, it's all about the making and incinerating of a representation of Guy Fawkes, who tried to blow up the Parliament Building a couple of hundred years ago. But it's more common now a days to make this doomed doll a representation of a person of modern society. For example, David Cameron.
 Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, when we burnt the Prime Minister on the bonfire.
 These British kinds of people seem to be of a rather savage nature, yes?

Over and out.